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Josué Merced-Reyes is a food, wine and beverage educator; a critic and journalist, as well as a food and beverage marketer. He is President of InterEmarketing , the Caribbean gastronomy, food and beverage consulting firm that specializes in the Hospitality Industry, as well as promoting products and services we enjoy.

Developing strategic programs through Sales Promotions, Trainings, Trade and Consumer Marketing  Programs and Communications.  Clients and strategic partners for the Caribbean markets come from both the private and public sector; including tourism / hospitality associations, food and beverage companies, hotels, restaurants and financial institutions.

For more information go to the InterEmarketing tab or contact: josue@buenvivir.net.

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Island-hopping gourmand, Josué, is also  the Producer/Host of the Caribbean syndicated radio series, sponsored by American Airlines: Pleasures in the Caribbean, a one-hour radio showcase, where Josué explores things we can enjoy, from food, wine and drink, to restaurants, hotels, museums and culture, all things to do in the Caribbean.

Buen Vivir is his 2-minute English radio series with easy recipes from around the world with a touch of culture. Both radio series are heard throughout the Caribbean or by going to www.buenvivir.net :

•  Anguilla - Radio Anguilla 95.5FM
•  Bonaire – Radio Digital 91.1 FM
•  British Virgin Islands – Radio WOSO 1030AM
•  Curacao - Radio Paradise 103.1 FM
•  Puerto Rico - Radio WOSO 1030AM
•  Saba – Radio Anguilla
•  St. Kitts & Nevis – Radio Anguilla
•  St. Maarten/St. Martin – Tropixx 105.5 FM
•  Statia – Radio Anguilla
•  Trinidad – WMJX 100.5 FM
•  USVI – Radio One

Throughout his career in marketing and communications, with both regional and global responsibilities, Josué has worked in the Alcoholic Beverage Industry, including wine and beer, in Food Retail and Consumer Products, as well as the Travel/Leisure Industry, with airlines, hotels and restaurants. His career has taken him from Canada to heading up McCann Erickson in the Caribbean, later staring his own US Hispanic Communications Agency to VP Marketing for Bacardi Caribbean and member of the Dewar’s Scotch Global Team in London.

An avid traveler, wine aficionado and cook, Josué is also:

•  Member of the Governing Council of Taste of the Caribbean, the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association's annual culinary and beverage competitions
•  Director of Slow Food , Puerto Rico
•  A partner at Sota Caballo y Rey, S. L. a Spanish wine representative in the Caribbean
•  Certified BBQ Judge and Director of the Caribbean BBQ Association
•  Head Beverage Judge at Taste of The Caribbean, the annual CHTA regional competition
•  Judge at Taste of St. Croix, the culinary competitions in the USVI
•  Head Judge in the annual Chocolate Cortés Culinary Competition, in Dominican Republic    
•  Head Bartender Judge at the St. Maarten Bartending and Culinary Competitions
•  Judge at the St. Maarten International Culinary Student Competitions
•  Director of the “wine & dine club” – Peña Gastronomica, in Puerto Rico
•  Head Judge at the Trinidad & Tobago Bartenders Competition
•  Head Judge in the annual Lechon-a-la-Varita (Whole-Hog Roast Pork) Competition at Cattleman's Two Day BBQ Competitions, Puerto Rico
•  Member of the wine tasting panel of Le Connoisseur wine magazine
•  Restaurant Judge for Tables Magazine & Chef Hat Awards, Puerto Rico     
•  Judge in the Chablis Fish Dish Awards, in Curacao
•  Head Judge in the Angostura/Drinks International Global Bartenders Championship, Trinidad & Tobago
•  Judge in the annual Puerto Rico National Culinary Team Competition
•  A food, wine and beverage writer, with articles published, both regionally as well as in the international press and magazines



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About Josué, life and business in the

Josué Merced- Reyes is President of InterEmarketing, the Caribbean gastronomy, food and beverage consulting firm that specializes in the Hospitality Industry, as well as promoting products and services we enjoy.