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Where “island-hopping” gourmand, Josué Merced-Reyes, shares his easy food recipes, culinary tips, wine selections, cocktails and little know restaurants, taverns, bistros and eateries.

"Buen Vivir" is about good living, about that tiny restaurant no one knows about or enjoying the simpler pleasures of a home-cooked meal.

- Josué


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Latest Recipes Light Lemon Pepper Veal Chops.

Lemon, widely presumed to having first grown in India, Burma and China, adds a delicious tartness that combined with a touch of hot sauce makes this a dish to remember. Best enjoyed with a side dish of white rice, all you need is...

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Josué Merced- Reyes is President of InterEmarketing, the Caribbean gastronomy, food and beverage consulting firm that specializes in the Hospitality Industry, as well as promoting products and services we enjoy.